Commanding Officer
U.S.C.G.C. Androscoggin (WHEC-68)
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

As I reflect on the experiences of our WESTPAC deployment I am constantly reminded that very seldom in modern times has a Coast Guard Commanding Officer had the privilege of watching his ship's company in action under combat conditions. It is truly written that such duty is nine parts boredom and one part intense excitement. Both facets of such an environment however require training, loyalty, teamwork, discipline, planning and plain hard work far beyond that demanded by peace time operations.

In order to achieve the record you see set forth in this book, each man aboard had to give of  himself in full measure. I think perhaps a comment made by Navy Admiral Ernest J. King illustrates the point:

  • "Discipline is the willing obedience to attain the greatest good by the greatest number. It means laying aside, for the time being, of ordinary everyday go-as-you-please and do-what-you-like. It means one for all and all for one---teamwork. It means a machine---not of inert metal, but one of living men---an integrated human machine in which each does his part and contributes his full share."

The story of this book is that of a truly disciplined crew. It is also the story of the ANDROSCOGGIN and of the United States Coast Guard at war.

To this crew whose performance is a great credit to the service and a fine example for the crews that follow and to our families who stayed behind and waited for us to come home, this book is respectfully dedicated.

W. H. STEWART                           
United States Coast Guard       


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