STANDING - LTJG Paul Swisher, BM2 Gene Adams,  SA David Blackletter, SA Richard Smith, 
SA Frank Bowman, SA Tommy Bullard, SA Wayne Williamson, 
SA Michael Carnathan, SA Bruce Thompson, BM2 Richard Foy
SA Jerry Fitts, SN Walter Haught, SA Michael Donnell, SA Stanley Heifner, 
SN Dennis Hughes, SA Clyde Kraemer
STANDING - BMCM Leonard McClay, BM1 Jack Williams, SA Anthony Mesics, SA David Neese, 
SN Dallas Swindle, BM2 Robert Miner
FRONT - BM3 Richard Newman, SN Harold O'Berry, SA William Rogers, SA Rickey Poppell, 
SA Michael Stroud, SA Deward Singleton
 STANDING - SN David Salvo, SN Walter Zakutney, SA James Smith, SN David Watters, SA Charles Rayburn
FRONT - SA Gary Reetz, SA Michael Stephens, SN Richard Sullivan, SA Jack Pinell
SA Michael Carnathan 
repairing chafing gear on a sea painter.
Deck work continues with a sea painter.
SN David Salvo and SA Bill Rogers

SA David Blackketter-SA Wayne Williamson-SA Bill Rogers-SN Bruce Haught

D. E. Neese closet on davit, Jack Pennell on the farthest, Oberry in the sunglasses and BM2 Adams
Rigging in #2 small boat in preparation for UNREP
Deck Force at work. Scrubbing and cleaning is a never ending task.
SA Rickey Poppell
Painting a fire station.
SN Richard Sullivan-SA Michael Stephens
SA Stan Heifner
Two seagulls ready for flight.
SA Clyde Kraemer-SA Michael Carnathan
Cleaning Andy's hull.
The familiar, shrill call of the bos'n pipe (BM2 Gene Adams) marks the beginning of the evening meal and completion of the day's work projects Finishing touches are made on a new cargo net by
BM2 Robert Miner
Paint is checked back into the Paint Locker.
SN David Salvo and ?
Line is stowed in the Hawser Locker.
SN Harold O'Berry

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