STANDING - FA Richard Smith, MMC Bennie Blackmon, FN Joseph Conner, MM1 Phillip Cavezza, 
MM2 Arthur Thompson, MM3 Paul Sanders, CHMACH James Doherty
FRONT - LCDR Robert Bouck, MM2 Kenneth Lacy, MM3 Drew Nieminen, 
MM1 James Bridges, FA Paul Rabe
STANDING - LCDR Robert Bouck, BT1 Walter Ammons, BT3 Wayne Ferrill, FA Anthony LaRocca, 
BTCP Robert Gliem, BT3 Dennis Greenawald, CHMACH James Doherty
FRONT - BT2 Jack Hazouri, BT2 William Bishop, FN Stephen Williams
LTJG Lloyd George, SN Raymond Gingras, DC3 David Manning, FN Raymond Young, 
DC2 Larry Garner, DCCP Roy Larson
STANDING - FN Donald Lee, EM1 Robert Simpson, EMCP Bobby Busch, LTJG Donald Van Liew
FRONT - EM3 Gerald Remilard, EM2 Michael Sexton, SN Ronnie Lloyd
STANDING - MMC Leslie Brinkerhoff, MMC William James, MM3 Bruce Mann, LTJG Donald Van Liew
FRONT - MM1 David Mattox, MM3 Stephen Plant, FA Phauls King
Engineering is a never ending job of maintainance, revision, and operation. Our Engineering Department put the Androscoggin in first-rate working order and kept her there throughout our Viet-Nam deployment.
DC3 David Manning  EM3 Gerald Remillard
MM1 David Mattox FA Tony LaRocco and BT3 Wayne Ferrill changing burner tips on #1 boiler.
MM1 Phil Cavezza Answering the bell signaling speed ordered by bridge with 4000 hp of turbo-electric drive.  FN Ray Gingras
Checking proper stowage of repair three damage control locker.

EMC Bobby Busch and FN Donald Lee
Instruction in the workings of a gyro compass in the IC room
CHMACH James Doherty and BT1 E.M. Raynor Discussion of pending shipyard repair projects.

LTJG Donald Van Liew
Checking the blueprints for specifications prior to writing up a shipyard work order FA Phauls King
Clean up after turning down new parts on our lathe in the machine shop.
 DC3 David Manning LTJG Lloyd George
 MM1 Jim Bridges and FN Randy Bowker MM3 Bruce Mann
 BT3 Dennis Greenawald  FA Paul Rabe
 FN Joe Conner FN Ray Young and BT2 Bill Bishop
MM2 Arthur Owens Thompson FN Steve Williams
EMC Bob Bush, EM3 Daggs, and FN Donald Lee.  
 BTC Robert Gliem and BT1 Walter Ammons  FN Ray Young, DC2 Larry Garner, and FA Paul Rabe. Lucky Tony LaRocco was on watch in the boiler room while the clean up was going on

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