Promotions In The Cabin
The Captain, CDR William H Stewart, promoting crew members.
L to R FT2 Macdonald, MM3 Plant, EM2 Sexton, BM2 Foy,
BT2 Bishop,
and DC2 Larry Garner
Ship's Services
Barber Shop
RD2 Alfred Anzaldua and RD3 Warren Davis
SK1 Charles Quam and RM2 David Reiland
Fantail Barbeque
SD2 David Bayle preparing barbeque. MM3 Drew Nieminen, BT3 Dennis Greenwald, and EM2 Mike Sexton
SA David Salvo, SA Jerry Fitts, SA Bill Rogers, SA Bruce Thompson, QM3 Clarence Shannon, 
SA Bobby Hanner
SN Richard Sullivan-, ETN2 H.D. Cremer, 
SA Bruce Thompson
 Chief Leslie Brinkerhoff, DCCP Roy Larson, BMCM Leonard McClay, ETCP James Webb  ENS Howie Copeland and LTJG Don VanLiew
Rites of Passage
 ETN2 H.D.Cremer and GM3 Marion Smith Mr. Bill Jones, GM3 Marion Smith, GM1 Dennis Lambert, the guy in the coveralls looks like Mr. Bouck, SD2 David Bayle, RD2 Ronald Peiffer. The guy in the blind fold sort of looks like LTJG Paul Swisher.
Quiet Times
SA Richard Smith, and DC3 David Manning (L to R) ET2 Larry Swift, EM3 Jerry Remillard, FT2 R Macdonald, MM3 Paul Sanders standing next to cup rack, SA R Hanner, FT2 B Miller,
SN Walter Haught
, (half face) is SA Jack Pinnell
Jamie James, Bobby Simpson and Joe "Tom" Thomas taken in the First Class PO quarters on the Andy in January 1968 South Vietnamese interpreter who used to ride the swift boats and over night on the Andy
 QM3 Pinter  LTJG Bill Jones and CWO Donnie Weitzel
SK1 Brasseaux ?, RM1 Joe Thomas, and RM3 Barry Erickson
SA Jerry Fitts, RD2 Clark Chadburn, 
SA Rickey Poppell
Front Row (left to right): Rickey Poppel, Dana Lewis, and Jack Pinnell
Back Row (left to right): Bruce Haught, Tony Mesics, Bruce Thompson (aka Igor)
Mike Donnell, Bobby Hanner, Steve Browne,
Stan Heifner
Mike Donnell stowing a .50 caliber machine gun.
Bobby Hanner Joe "Tom" Thomas on his retirement
Bird watching. Some of the guys are: FN Ronald Lee, LTJG Don Van Liew DCCP Roy Larson,  and
RM1 Joe Thomas.
BMCS Leonard McClay, RDC Lawrence Johnson, SO1 Larry Searcy standing on box.
RM2 James Hammit and QM3 Dana Lewis. Dana is listening for the next shot.
Patrolling around the Andy in Da Nang Harbor. Liberty in Hong Kong (left to right) Jack Pinnell, Michael Stephens, Bruce Haught, Bruce Thompson, Richard Sullivan, and
Charles Rayburn.
CGC Duane sporting Andy horseshoes painted on the wing of her bridge as Andy and Duane unmoor.  Chief Umstead
SN Ray Gingras  LTJG Bill Jones
Executive Officer LCDR Hodges Gallop Jr.  Gunslinger LTJG Paul Swisher
ENS Mike Guritz Joe Thomas, and Jack Cunniff with daughter Cathy enroute to Andy for deployment
Phauls King as escort in the 1969 Miss America pageant. Phauls was selected as an escort because of his service aboard the "Andy" in the Vietnam War.  
GM1 Lambert QM3 Shannon
SN Heifner ??????? and ETC Webb
SN Hovda Chief Larson and Chief Blackmon
FN Ray Young Chief Webb
FN Ray Gingras  SNGM Hanner - DC3 Manning & ? in the Snakepit
CWO2 Weitzel BTC Gliem and BT1 Ammons RDC Johnson
LCDR Bouck CWO4 Doherty and BT1 Raynor CWO4 Marshall

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