Still Looking Good!
ADM and Mrs Stewart
Greta Bridges, Jim Bridges, Admiral Stewart, Jack Cunniff, and Tom Thomas
Jim Bridges and "Tom" Thomas  

Admiral Stewart and Paul Matsko

Paul Swisher and Tom Vento "Sonny" Brasseaux and Charlie Quam
Art Thompson Milt Rose, Paul Swisher, and ??
Don VanLiew Rick Poppell, D. White and W. Zakutney
Bill Jones Bennie Blackmon and Bob Barker
Dave Giffin and S Heifner Mike Donnell
Harold Craemer, S Heifner(standing),  ?, ?, and Bill Jones ?, ?, Harold Craemer, and ?
??, ??, John Horton (guest of Brinkerhoff), ?? Don VanLiew and Howard Copeland
Rick Poppell Les Brinkerhoff and David Waters
Ray Young, Roy Larson, Lloyd George, and Larry Garner Charlie Quam, Mrs Stewart in back
Clockwise: Tom Vento Paul Swisher, Lloyd George, Howard and Marilyn Copeland. Don VanLiew, Fran VanLiew, and Milt Rose
Bobby Busch Phil Cavezza
Clockwise: Jill Rose, Tom Vento (meditating)
Paul Swisher, and Lloyd George
Brenda and Bill Bishop
Tom Vento, Lloyd George, Bob Barker ??
S Heifner, Phil Cavezza, and Rick Poppell  
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