2 December - 4 August


a.  NGFS - Fired 37 Naval Gunfire Support  Missions on operation Market Time areas Eight and Nine. (Seven other scheduled missions were aborted without firing due to weather). During first three  patrols, ANDROSCOGGIN received infrequent calls for fire from MSMACV Forces on Gulf Coast of Thailand of Vietnam. Fired 576 rounds of 5"/38 ammunition in nine (9) missions, all in the vicinity of Song-Ong-Doc, RVN, and U Minh forest area. However, a change in policy by Commander Coastal Flotilla One, resulted in wider use of this unit as well as other WHEC's for NGFS. Total rounds fired from ship's 5"/38 battery on Operation Market Time, including surface action described below, was over 4,000. Ship required regunning after last patrol.

Two missions were fired on the west coast of Phu Quoc Island, including 22 May mission in support of a joint amphibious operation involving 500 regional and popular force RVN troops, two (2) RVN PGM's, one (1) WPG, two (2) PCF's and several RVN Junk force units acting as landing craft. It is believed to be the first such operation for a WHEC since World War II, and established the capability of cutters to support amphibious landings.

One mission was fired in support of USMACV Advisory Group, Ha Tien, just south of the Cambodian Border. This unit fired 25 missions in the vicinity of Song-Onc-Doc and U-Minh forest area, during four  (4) patrols in areas Eight (8) and Nine (9), on request of USMACV Advisory Group and Naval Intelligence Officer, Ca Mau. Spotting by LT Don Barnhart, USN, Nilo Ca Mau, and CAPT Henry J. St Germain, US Army Pilot, Forward Air Controller, An Xuyen Province, during last two patrols was outstanding and resulted in  grater gun damage assessment than previously realized. At request of IV CTZ Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer, ANDROSCOGGIN was  shifted from Area Nine to Area Eight from 8 July to 16 July in order to destroy heavy VC concentration of supplies, ammunition , and base camps in the Nam Cam forest area on the Southeast coast of the Ca Mau Peninsula. Nine missions were fired in this area, seven (7) with the excellent coordination of LT Barnhart and CAPT St, Germain. High gun damage assessments were realized in these missions, including ammunition and POL secondary explosions, despite the density of the forest coverage, The area had been a Viet Cong stronghold due to lack of attack by heavy artillery previously. ANDROSCOGGIN fired 482 founds into the forest on 9 July, including 254 founds in a single sustained mission in the afternoon. The final NGFS mission was the first dual WHEC shoot since the inception of Market Time. Prior to relief, ANDROSCOGGIN was joined by WINONA for a combined mission with two spotter aircraft.

b. Surface Action - Intercepted, kept under covert surveillance, and participated in the destruction on an unmarked enemy steel hull trawler-type infiltration vessel on the night of 29 February/1March. ANDROSCOGGIN was on-scene commander, and primary surface action unit, directing the fire of the inshore units (two WPB's and two PCF's) and aircraft (two helicopter gunships and a flare ship). This unit challenged the enemy vessel within twelve miles of the Vietnamese coast, and illuminated it when it did not answer and commenced destructive fire with the main battery when the enemy commenced fire with machine guns and a 57MM recoilless rifle. Bracketed vessel and scored direct hit, then directed fire from gunships and inshore units as the damaged enemy vessel was driven on the beach.

The VC "Trawler" was driven hard aground and was destroyed by two explosions believed to have been command-detonated by surviving crew members.

c. Gun Damage Assessment - Damage reported by spotters from 37 NGFS Missions and one surface engagement is as follows. Damage assessment could not be make on all missions because of lack of spotters, weather and jungle growth.

    Structures Damaged - 480
    Structures Destroyed - 175
    Sampans Damaged - 177
    Sampans Destroyed - 106
    Bunkers Damaged - 24
    Bunkers Destroyed - 24
    Storage Facilities Destroyed - 4
    Bridges Destroyed (Wooden) - 2
    Canal Blocks Damaged - 2
    Piers Destroyed - 2
    Trawler Damaged (resulting in self destruction) - 1
    Viet Cong Killed in Action (Estimated and Confirmed) - 114
    Secondary Explosions and Fires - 46


a. Medical Treatment

     (1) Ship's Medical Officer, Chief Hospital Corpsman, Dental Technician, and Corpsman Striker, conducted twenty (20) clinic visits toe the village of Song-Ong-Doc and Poulo Obi Island, RVN, under the MEDCAP program. Treated 1064 civilian patients, as well as 140 RVN military personnel and 30 U.S. Military personnel, some during visit by by doctor and corpsman to Poulo Island, RVN, and others on board this unit.

     (2) Ship's doctor performed four-hour major surgery in April to save the life  of RVN soldier critically wounded by grenade booby-trap. Despite loss of illumination because of temporary power loss during night-time operation, surgery and post-operative treatment were successful. Treated another grenade victim, less seriously wounded in same accident. Doctor operated on Viet Cong wounded in battle with RVN Junk Force in May, but patient died on board this unit from massive internal bleeding of internal wounds in leg, groin, and abdomen. Treated PDF crewman for gunshot wound suffered in combat in January, another PCF crewman for carbon monoxide poisoning in April,  and a WPB crewman for phosphorous burn suffered in in accident with a flare in June. Amputated finger of South Vietnamese fisherman who came alongside in Gulf of Thailand during January. Amputation prevented death from gangrene. Treated Thai trawler crew member whose toe was amputated by winch on his boat. Stopped bleeding and treated patient for shock and possible infection.; patient remained aboard this unit until his boat departed for Bangkok four days later. Performed minor surgery on  board and in Song-Ong-Doc in many cases, and brought patients with fractured limbs aboard for X-rays and setting of limbs.

b. Civic Action - During four (4) patrols in Gulf of Thailand, maintained close liaison with USMACV Advisor Team 59 at Song-Ong-Doc and local Vietnamese leaders. Work of ship's medical officer promoted much good will among district and village officials as well as the people of the village. Entertained district chief and village official on board and attended dinners given by district chief.

Painted village school with basecoat on first patrol, and repainted it with color coat during later patrol. Presented engraved bronze school bell to village school, built swing set for schoolyard on later patrol, gave Christmas party for 500 school children, and presented 400 dolls and 400 yo-yos donated by Coral Gables Rotary Club, Coral Gables, Florida, Coast Guard Officer's Association and Officer's Wives Club of Miami, Florida, to students of the village school as commencement gifts. In appreciation, children of school presented three programs of Vietnamese music, dance, and humor, and asked officers and men of ship to participate in their commencement exercises. On each occasion , the district chief entertained the officers of the ship at dinner.

In Hong Kong, while acting as Station Ship (SOPA ADMIN), invited American, British and Chinese residents to tour ship. Entertained children from the Sisters of St. Paul Orphanage and Crecha with a cartoon show, ice cream, cake and soft drinks on board; ANDROSCOGGIN officers returned visit by demonstrating model train equipment at the orphanage. Ship's company donated 35 pints of blood to the Hong Kong Red Cross, a branch of the British Red Cross Society. This unit earned the perfect conduct award during its three weeks in Hong Kong.

While in Yokosuka, unit personnel donated 104 pints of blood for Red Cross use  in Viet Nam.


a. Surveillance - Detected 4,528 vessels, inspected 2,385 and boarded 26. Detained 25 Vietnamese on fishing boats and turned over to Vietnamese National Police for interrogation.

b. In December, sighted, closed and kept under surveillance during transit of area nine, the U.S. Sailing Ketch Phoenix. In February, acted as on-scene-commander for four-unit Navy-Coast Guard round-up of 23 contacts found congregated near a prime infiltration point in Area Two. With other units, boarded six boats, and detained three boats and 13 people. In March, intercepted and investigated contact reported by aircraft in Area Nine. Contact was supply vessel; boarded and escorted to An Thoi by PCF. In May, intercepted and identified Cambodian PGM (E-311), and held close surveillance as it transited Area Nine until relieved of duty by Area Eight patrol unit by direction of CTG 115.4.

c. SAR - Rescued 27 South Vietnamese refugees aboard a small junk apparently lost in heavy seas South of Cu Lao Re (Island), 2 March. The men, women and children fleeing from Viet Cong in Tam Quam, RVN, were taken aboard and given food, medical treatment, and overnight shelter from high winds and heavy rain. Junk was taken in tow and the engines were repaired by ship's force.  Refugees were delivered to Cu Lao Re, their final destination, the morning of 3 March.


a. Gave frequent assistance to USMACV Advisory Team 59, Song-Ong-Doc; U.S. Navy Radar Site, Poulo Obi; and all WPBs and PCFs operating near ANDROSCOGGIN's barrier or transiting. Repaired electrical generators at Song-Ong-Doc several times. One of these generators was later shipped to the dispensary at Ca Mau. Repaired .50 caliber machine gun, and procured another machine gun for Song-Onc Doc. Repaired radar at Poulo Ovi, and radar and radios aboard PCFs and WPBs.

b. Transferred 68, 930 gallons of JP-5 fuel and 49,000 gallons of water to WPBs and PCFs. Replenished WPBs and PCFs alongside 223 times.

c. Carried two spare PCF crews during two Area Nine patrols. Provided facilities of ship for R&R for in-country personnel on a not-to-interfere with operations basis. Provided transportation for personnel on Radar Site, Poulo Obi, for R&R.


Acted as SOP (ADMIN), Hong Kong, 20 January to 11 February. Communications record was 89% reception, 85% receiving. Acted as processing center for personnel transfer. payment. medical treatment for all U.S. Military personnel, and provided permanent shore patrol. Briefed all U.S. Naval ships entering Hong Kong.


a.  Miles steamed as unit of U.S. Seventh Fleet - 40,949

b.  Replenishment at sea:

     Number of UNREPS - 49
     NSFO - 660,612 gallons
     JP-5 - 66,148 gallons
     General Stores - 37 tons
     Commissary Stores - 109 tons
     Ammunition - 160 tons

c.  Percentage of time underway - 71%

d. Miles steamed from departure to return to Miami Beach - 64,676

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