Song-Ong-Doc,  a pro-Saigon  government  village of  2500  people,  is located on the Southwest side of South Viet-Nam on  the Gulf of Siam. Many of its people have newly arrived  from  Viet Cong  controlled  hamlets. The  village  is isolated  from the VC. US Army advisors maintain a group here to assist the South Vietnamese Regional Forces.

The Buddhist temple stands near the center of the village.
The Town Square, A South Vietnamese standing perimeter guard.
Doc Mabry and Chief Umstead making medical rounds.
Jack Pinnell-Bobby Hanner-Ricky Poppell in front of the school house.
FT2 Richard MacDonald BM2 Gene Adams

One of the sites we noticed was the large unpainted shed which served as the school. With extra paint from the ship and painting parties extending over several patrols, we completed painting the school house.

@Andy's crew held a picnic for the kids.

The village reciprocated with a party.
Captain Stewart looking towards camera.
LTJG Bill Jones BM2 R.L. Minor showing the kids how to use the 400 yo-yos that were given to them.
@ "I shall return."
Fishing is the mainstay and has made Song-Ong-Doc a wealthy village.
Downtown Main St.
Waterfront resort.
Timesharing Waterfront resort.
Chief Larson
Playgrounds and swings go together. Noting a lack of this equipment, our Damage Control men constructed a set and presented it to the village.
New Swing Song Ong Doc school teachers
Old Swing New Swing

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