SA Martin Godfrey, SK1 Charles Quam, SK2 Elmick Brasseaux, 
SK3 Alfredo Escobedo, CHSPCK Olos Marshall
STANDING- CSC Harrison Bradbury, CS1 Sonny Moa, SN Allen Robertshaw
FRONT- CS2 Claude Cooke,CS3 David White
CS2 Charles Conner
STANDING- TN Freddie Hurgo, SD1 Horace Burnett, SD2 David Bayle
FRONT- TN Ruperto Dela Pena, 
SD3 Cresancio Baquiran, TN Romeo Maravilla

CHSPCK Olos Marshall

CS1 Sonny Moa & CS3 David White
Feeding the Andy's gun crew during our busy schedule of UNREPS and gun shoots was a task capably handled by our Supply Department.

CS3 David White

CS2 Claude Cooke
Averaging about 100 lbs of meat cooked and enough bread that it takes a good portion of the night to bake, it was no easy task to keep the crew "fueled" each day.

SA Tom Bullard

SA Martin Godfrey
Supply also gave us our pay at two week intervals, a total of $67,000 each month. Keeping a multi-million dollar ship within its appropriated funds also called for close supervision of requisitions for purchases.

SD1 Horace Burnett
Another creative birthday cake is baked  and decorated.  The steward division is charged with keepin the Cabin and Officers Country shipshape and providing meals for the ship's officers.
SD2  Bailey about to prepare dinner for the Captain  Ruperto Dela Pena

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