GALCO Australian Sportsfishing Consultants      GOLDEN FLATS  This month we highlight Sid Boshammer and the Golden Trevally of Hervey Bay. Sid has been a guide for many years, one of the pioneers of saltwater fly fishing in Australia. He was instrumental in the development of the flats fishing of  Hervey Bay and knows the area like the back of his hand.
SID BOSHAMMER Hervey Bay Fishing Tours -  Ph/fax  (07)4125 1755    

Hervey Bay is located on the East Coast of Southern Queensland between Maryborough 
and Bundaberg, it is protected on the seaward side by Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island which was world heritage listed in 1993. 
Hervey Bay is a favourite holiday destination and is famous for Whale watching between August and October and fishing all year round. 
The Great Sandy Straits between the mainland and Fraser Island is regarded as Australias 
premier flats fishing. 
  Golden Trevally

DESCRIPTION: Golden Trevally is a tropical fish and one of the most attractive of the species. 
It is often silvery, but on capture it's flanks turn to a more distinctive golden colour, with greenish hues across the back. A dark stripe runs down through the eye. Each fish has distinctive dark spots. 

SIZE:  They are common fron 5 to 8kg, growing to more than 30kg and over one meter long. 

DISTRIBUTION: They are found throuout the warmer coastal waters of Northern Australia and along the Western Australian coast. 

HOW TO CATCH: Will take baits of fresh fish, small crustaceans and fish flesh. Is better sport when pursued with lures and flies which they take willingly. Can attack with such ferocity , the rod can be torn from the unwary anglers grasp. 

EATING QUALITIES: It is an excellent eating fish 

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