Jim Noah   

Do You Need Water Proof Tackle Boxes? That depends on where and how you store your lures. I know I need them for some storage situations.

I became impressed with the Woodstream Modular Fishing System (MfS) Water Proof series of storage boxes when on a bet, I suspended one under water in the Atlanta Bass Pro Hawg Trough for 4 days. It cost me $50.00 because it never took on a drop of water during the whole 96 hours. I was impressed!

You bet, I brought some home and started using them. I fond I really liked them for tackle I stored in the Ranger or Lowe all the time. I never had to worry about rusting and the tackle was always ready for action. I never really thought much more about them. I just kept them filled with terminal type tackle and forgot them. Never have had a rusty hook to worry about because of the multiple snaps and the DRI-LOC Seal.

Just recently I found, by accident, the Spinnerbait Box will float even when full of baits. I kicked it out while fighting a Noah Testing Ground's flathead that ate a fire tiger DC4 Timber Tiger. Flathead won, but this time I got him to the boat and lost him trying to get him in the net. Where's help when you need them! Floating boxes is a nice feature when on a trip where you may dump the contents of your boat or your boat fills with water. If I used a Float Tube these boxes would be the ticket.

I really never bought anymore until I started playing with a lot of scents. I found it was easy to treat some of the baits you were planning to use and seal them up the night before. Scent stays in the boxes, just like they keep the water out. I now have a whole lot of these handy boxes.

The only draw back I can find is the not only seal water out, if you have moisture in the box it is sealed in. I am very careful to make sure the box and content is dry before I seal the box. Small price to pay for the benefits the Dri-LOC Seal provides.

Today Woodstream makes 4 sizes. Full size box, size box, size box, and a Spinnerbait Box. I expect the MfS line to be expanded soon. You need a good number of each size to cover your fishing needs.

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