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Pro Bass Guide
Bass Fishing School

Route-1 Box-65, Pearl Street
Crown Point, NY 12928

Tel. 518-597-4240
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Captain Roger Lee Brown
"The Bass Coach"

greenball.gif (995 bytes) USCG Licensed
greenball.gif (995 bytes) Over 25 years Bass Angling Experience
greenball.gif (995 bytes) Full time Pro Bass Guide & Bass
   Angling Instructor
greenball.gif (995 bytes) Bass Seminar Lecturer
greenball.gif (995 bytes) Certified Boat & Safety Instructor
greenball.gif (995 bytes) Originator and Former President of
    Pro-Tec School of Bassin', Inc.
greenball.gif (995 bytes) Tournament Pro
greenball.gif (995 bytes) New York State Certified Charter
greenball.gif (995 bytes)Writer on Bass Information Articles
greenball.gif (995 bytes) Pro Bass Instructor

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Pro Bass Guide
Bass Fishing School

Will Teach You, As You
Experience The Thrill Of
Fishing On World Famous
Lake Champlain and Lake George
In A Fully Rigged, Tournament Ready
Bass Boat!

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greenball.gif (995 bytes) The Bass Fishing School is designed to teach not only the "Beginner" who wants to learn how to fish for Bass, but alsothe novice and even the experienced tournament Bass angler! Whether it be the NFL, NBA, or any other professional sport, you will always find a coach behind every successful athlete. The coach is the one responsible to teach and sharpen the players skills!

greenball.gif (995 bytes) You can spend 1, 2, or 3 days on the water with the "Bass Coach" learning the skills it takes to become a successful angler.

greenball.gif (995 bytes) Just think of the many years of Bass fishing knowledge you can acquire in just a few days. In the hands of a skilled angler, and with the right tools and teaching techniques,  anyone can see a marked improvement in the areas of bass fishing that may presently be confusing or difficult for them.

greenball.gif (995 bytes) "The Bass Coach" will instruct you in the following:
     How to locate Bass
     Proper lure selection
     "Flippin & pitchin" the "jig & pig"
     Proper presentations and bait selection
     Understanding electronics
     Bass biology
     Topographical map reading
     Plastics (worms, grubs, etc..)
     Topwater baits
     Finesse fishing
     Rigging, proper methods and  equipment
     Tournament shortcuts
     And much more!

greenball.gif (995 bytes)  Think of the enormous amount of time and
money you can save by learning all these things
in just three days!

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greenball.gif (995 bytes) Because the instruction you receive is personalized,
tuition costs will vary.  Generally  you can expect to spend a little more than the cost of a guided trip!

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