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Liv' Eye Action Jigs

CoteeLiveEyeJigs001.gif (32768 bytes) Don't ever let us hear you say "A jig is a jig." If we believed that we wouldn't go through what we do to build these beauties. They are Liv' Eye Action Jigs and represent the state of the art in fish-catching technology.

n Engineered to fall in a wounded, spiraling motion that cannot be duplicated by ordinary jigs.

n Injection molded and spray painted with an electrostatic process for the perfect finish and never a tie eye clogged with paint.

n Eyes are hand painted and recessed to prevent them from getting rubbed off.

n Twin retainer barbs are used to extend the useful life of your plastic tails and only quality Eagle Claw hooks are used .

CoteeWeedlessheads.gif (21823 bytes)

Weedless Jigs

n The same great features as the regular Liv'Eye, unique hollow-tipped nylon weed guards are fitted to ensure snagless fishing in the worst conditions. Low deflection force ensures quick and solid hookups.