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The Buttoneye Minnow® Treble Hook Plug

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending



Fish Appeal

Stick-on holographic foil patterns can be changed for custom looks and to match native baitfish Soft and scented in a variety of colors, bodies slip on and lock over eyes without untying the fishing line It's an interchangeable, scented, soft treble hook plug with built in rattles, 3-D eyes and available in diving, sinking and floating models

For the first time ever get all the great features of soft baits and hard baits in what is being called the most amazing fishing system ever.

Voted "BEST of the BEST" by the Amercian Sportfishing Association
You get all the hard bait advantages:
  1. n Super sharp trebles; high grade split rings are corrosion resistant
  2. n 3-D lensatic eyes
  3. n Built in tuned rattle chamber
  4. n High grade, holographic foil finishes
  5. n Floating, slow sinking, diving/suspending

You get all the soft bait advantages:

  1. n Soft and natural feel, fish bite and hang on
  2. n Scented to ensure fish gets a taste of food
  3. n Inexpensive to own many colors

Length: 4" Weight: Approx. 1/2 oz

14- piece Buttoneye Minnow Kits build a min. of 31 color combos ($12.89 + Shp & Hndl)