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Cotee Reel Tarpon Jig

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Cotee and Sidewinder Fishing Team set all time tarpon record

Using the Cotee Reel Tarpon Jig, the world's only convertible breakaway jig, the famous Sidewinder fishing team shattered the record for the largest tarpon ever caught in Boca Grande tournament history in June of 1997.

If you want to slam dunk the tarpon in Boca Grande or any deep-water jigging waters, there's only one way to go-the Cotee Reel Tarpon Jig. It's specialized design allows lightning fast tournament rigging with flexible lead ears or it can be flipped and rigged with wire or plastic wire ties.

Designed to break away when a tarpon is hooked, breakaway jigs provide the best chance of landing a giant tarpon by denying the fish the ability to sling the hook using the leverage of the heavy head. 

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