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Dave "Nugget" Downie

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Born at a very young age (1958), I was raised in the Snowy Mountains of southern NSW Australia, and learnt to fly fish before I discovered girls. My father was a Scotsman and mother a 5th generation Australian. At the age of 24 I married the publican's daughter and moved to her homeland - Southern Queensland. We currently have three sons although that may vary if they give me any more trouble! Peter (8), Shawn (12) and Levi (15). As a result of catching more than my fair share of fish and winning a few estuary angling competitions I was given the opportunity to write for Bush 'N Beach Fishing Newspaper, an Australian angling publication.


A 10 lb Flathead

caught on a gold

Storm lure

at Short Isl

Jumpinpin Qld

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Since then I have been recruited to Brisbane radio 4BC 'The Fishing Show' (1116khz) as live reporter between 5 - 6am on Saturday mornings. I also compare 'Hooked on Fishing' on 101.1 FM at 8.00am Saturday mornings. I also write a weekly column in the Bayside Bulletin. I have recently been appointed as a FishCare Education Officer with the Department of Primary Industry fisheries division. My interests include making (and drinking) home-brew beer, photography (I have a Canon EOS 5), fly fishing and fly tying, targeting heaviest of species fish and competing in fishing competitions.
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A 40lb mulloway

caught on a live mullet

at Iluka northern NSW


My boat is a 4 meter aluminium Stessl Edge Tracker 'Tournament' powered by a 3 cylinder oil injected 25hp Suzuki. I use Alvey side cast reels for surf and bait fishing as well as a vast array of bait casters and egg beaters (spinning reels) for sportfishing. I regularly fish the Gold Coast Broadwater, Nerang River and Jumpinpin as well as Brisbane, Logan and Albert Rivers and Moreton Bay. In freshwater I fish Sumerset, Wivenhoe, Maroon, Moogerah, Hinze and Borumba Dams as well as their associated tributaries.


A 6 1/2lb golden perch

caught during the

Kirkleigh Klassic


Released alive.

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Why Nugget
I was given the nick name 'Nugget' as a result of a 'live on air' comment I made on the 4BC Fishing Show.
Ron; "How did you go fishing last Saturday at the Pin Dave"?
Dave; "Everything I touched turned to gold Ron, as a matter of fact if I had a crap in a bucket out here on the water, I reckon it would have been a gold Nugget. 
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Endorsed Products

After 30 years of serious fishing I have learnt to have confidence in certain brands of fishing tackle. I know that by using my favourite products, my catch rate will improve and I will have trust in my gear. I do not endorse products because I get paid to do so, in fact I do not get payed by any takle manufacture, I recomend products because I truely believe it is the best there is. Below is a list of manufacturers that meet or exceed my high expectations.


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As a keen competition angler specialising in targeting the biggest of species, I spend a lot of time using live bait and the quality of the live bait is the key to my success. If you need to keep bait alive in the best and most lively condition there is no better product on the face of this planet than the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor.
My KeepAlive system also keeps my fish alive during tournaments, no fuss, no risk, it just works better than all the others.
Wilson Live Fibre Rods
Live Fibre rods are blend of kevlar wrapped butt section and resin tip that gives them the unique ability to have a light tip and still have plenty of bottom end power without being a heavy rod.
I use and reccommend the Wilson 'Live Fibre' 10'6 trophy as my main bream rod. This rod has a light sensitive tip and lots of bottom end power to pull the brutes away from rock ledges.
I use a 7' Liive Fibre BSX70LJ 6-8kilo 'overhead' as my heavy mangrove jack trolling rod. This rod has tuns of bottom end grunt with a light sensitve tip that is almost impossible to find in any other rod.
I use a Live Fibre M10 'Classic' for offshore and when chasing big jew in the estuaries.

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mailto: [email protected]

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