Allen Applegarths’ interest in fishing began when he was capable of holding up a rod & reel. He began fishing Lake Erie with his father and grand father who taught him the basics. As time passed – Allen and his father began fishing regularly, mainly the shores of Lake Erie, occasionally traveling to Chesapeake Bay or Virginia Beach to fish the ocean waters. Allen’s inspiration for writing this book came from his fathers words one sunny day in Virginia Beach, 1977 at age 7. "Someday son, you’ll have enough knowledge and skill to teach your kid’s how to fish – who knows, maybe you’ll even write a fishing book and teach the world."

At age 9, his father passed away, leaving his grandfather to teach him. By age 11, his grand father had passed away and Allen’s family moved to Florida. By age 18, Allen was dedicated to saltwater fishing and decided to live aboard his family’s boat while attending college. He mingled among the other boat captains and charter guides – gaining experience – first hand from the experts.

Spending every free minute fishing – Allen grew to quite a fishermen. On the weekends he would teach neighborhood kid’s how to fish. By age 22, Allen joined the navy, stationed in Virginia Beach – where his father used to take him fishing. Packing his fishing gear with him when his ship would set out on maneuvers, he would toss his line in at every given chance.

After his enlistment in the U. S. Navy, Allen returned to Florida where once again – he began fishing the flats of Tampa Bay. His catches would prove to many that he was truly a born fisherman. At age 25, his step father rekindled the 18 year old words once spoken by his father back in Virginia Beach. His step father replied, "With all your knowledge on fishing, you should consider writing a book." With those words and memories of his fathers' words, Allen decided to write a saltwater fishing book like no other of its kind. Allen is now 26 years old and has finished his first fishing book!

Allen’s passion for fishing, his fathers words of wisdom, and his favorable ability to write – lead him to fulfilling his wish, and later to find, his fathers hopeful wish for his son to be a writer.

Allen recently discovered that his father started writing a book about their fishing experiences. Inside was a note that read: "To my son, I leave you this unfinished manuscript, only to be given to you when and if you choose a career in writing. I did not want to lead you to be a writer, if you decided to pursue another career. This is why you will only receive this unfinished book after you have written your own, or have chosen another career. I am sorry to leave you at such a young age, but my illness has forced this unsuspecting departure. I’ll be in heaven watching you, I know you’ll be great at whatever you decide to do! If you choose to become a writer, and only after you have established your self as so – I would like for you to finish the book that I began and could not finish. I’m very proud of you and love you with all my heart. Take care of your mother and sister. Love Dad…

Allen would like you to know, he will be finishing his fathers book in the near future!!!

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