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Southern Heritage Press and Allen Applegarth proudly introduce "Florida Fishing" – A Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing.

Saint Petersburg, Florida – Allen Applegarth wanted to write a fishing book that would serve fishermen as a complete personal guide, so he traveled extensively throughout the coasts of Florida designing this book according to public response and interest. Countless hours of interviewing and visiting anglers, locals and beginners of all ages – Allen drew a clear view of the perfect fishing book. The results, Florida Fishing a book filled with in depth information and a wide array of topics necessary to navigate and fish the waters of Florida – safely and productively.

Allen and many others, including Captain Mel Berman of 970 WFLA—consider this to be a "complete guide" to fishing because Allen incorporates not just "how to’s on fishing," but also information on boating, safety, and first aid on the water. This book is a must read for the beginning fisherman and a valuable resource for the experienced angler. By incorporating these topics into a single book, Allen has brilliantly designed a very useful book that will eliminate the need to have numerous fishing guides, regulation charts, and first aid information.

Florida Fishing is published in Saint Petersburg, Florida by Southern Heritage Press.. The anticipated publication date is April 1997, and will retail at a very low price of only $9.95…

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