Florida Fishing

Table of Contents

Precautionary Safety Items

Important items to take with you

Know Before You Go

Water Color & Baits, Fishing During Tidal

Movement, Reading the Water, When & Where to Fish, Free-Line the Structure, Moon Phases, Sky Watch, Water Temperatures

Fish Structure Diagram

Learning To Fish

What you’ll need to get started

Bottom Fishing

Step by step – From Putting a Hook On Your

Line to Landing Your First Catch

Top Water Fishing

Free – Lining, Using a Bobber, Summary,

Things To Keep In Mind

Catching and Preserving Bait

Cast Netting, Spool and Light Rod Methods,

Productive Chumming Methods

Locating Inshore Fish

The Five Necessary Steps

Deep Water Fishing

Illustrations and Information for:

Finding Deep Water Fish, Deep Water

Grouper Fishing, Deep Water Snappers,

High Wind Drift Fishing, Trolling Spread for Kings, Spreader Bar Set, Finding Fish on Reefs,

Ledges, & Flat Shell Bottoms

Night Fishing

Using the Light Method

Game and Sport Fish

Complete Illustrated Descriptions in Color

Less Abundant Fish Species

Illustrated Descriptions

Guide To Unique Fish

Illustrated Descriptions

Common Sharks of Florida

Illustrated Descriptions

Common Bait Fish

Illustrated Descriptions

Quick Guide To What Fish Eat

Find your target’s Favorite Food

Hooking Your Bait

Step by Step Illustrations

Author’s Tackle Box

Learn The Authors Favorite Lures

Tampa Bay Fishing Hot Spots

Where to Find the Fish


Delicious Ways to Cook Your Catch

First Aid

Quick Guide for Emergency Reference

Rules & Regulations

Licenses, Basic Saltwater Fishing Regulations,

Guide to the Waterway Signs & Markers,

Required Safety Equipment for Recreational

Boats, VHF Radio Operations

Reef Atlas

Comprehensive Coordinates for Florida’s

Artificial Reefs, by county


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