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A Few Letters From Clients

Mr. Kermit Borland, Reprogenesis Company, Boston MA writes:     "As I said Friday, I don't think I could have had more opportunities than you got me. Next time I come, there will be no wind and bright sun.  As I figure it, you could have camped out in one spot and said "wait for them to come" or you could have worked only the fish feeding downwind -- instead you chased everything, upcurrent and upwind, to give me a shot. Thank you, your reputation has spread." See you again, Kermit Borland -note: overcast, wind east at 20-25mph 10/10/97      Mr. Richard Miller, Greensburg, PA writes:
    "Barry is a hardworking, high energy, and dedicated guide who specializes in fly and light tackle fishing on the flats. This I have enjoyed several times on previous trips and with great success due in part to Barry's help and expertise. I would highly recommend this trip to Islamorada." Richard Miller

  Capt. Brent London, contributing editor: Jacksonville Fisherman & On-Line Angler writes:
    "The next day fishing with Barry was one of the best learning experiences of my bonefishing days. He taught me a great deal about feeding patterns, spotting fish, making the presentation and patience. There is no knowledge like a local guide's knowledge. Barry showed me more fish in an hour than I saw in the other three days fishing. I recommend him highly." Capt. Brent London
    Mr. Jim Popa, Columbus, Ohio writes:
        Barry, thanks for a great day on the water. My son and I enjoyed our fishing and your expertise in the Everglades. I would recommend you to any of my fishing friends.  Jim Popa

    Mr. Phil Sorensen, Neenah, Wisconson writes:
       Hi Barry, I wanted to get back to you with a thank you for a fun day on the flats!  Even though the sun did not show itself at times and the temperature of air & water was below optimal....I really enjoyed it.  I was amazed at the size of the bonefish.  I will work a little more at my casting skills for the saltwater breezes and hopefully be back in the near future.  Thanks again, I will pass on your name to friends.  Phil Sorensen

    John and Eleanor Craig write:
        Barry, as I said briefly on the phone message, we both tremendously enjoyed our fishing trip, and we believe you were an important part of that. You are obviously knowledgeable about the area, and where to take people to catch fish!  You were cheerful, upbeat, and informative- you have "hooked" me on
sport fishing!  All I have been able to talk about today is how much I enjoyed fishing!  We are already talking about trying to make this an annual trip- when we return we will call you in advance!
                                                                                        John and Eleanor Craig

    Art Webb of Cary, North Carolina writes:
        Barry- Just wanted to thank you for a great day on the water. As I stated at the start of the trip, my main mission was to learn.  I did. Thanks to your answers to my endless stream of questions, I came away armed with far more knowlege than I started with. I'll trade that for a chilly day and tough fish anytime.                                             Take care.  Art Webb

    Bryant Wade of Michigan writes:
        Capt. Barry, In case they did not make it abundantly clear, the guys had an absolute blast fishing with you.  They had only positive comments about the entire experience and said repeatedly that you were a great guide, both in terms of putting them on fish and with respect to your patience and care.  Take note that if any of us travel your way again and fishing is on the docket, you'll be hearing from us. Thanks again, Bryant Wade

 Mr. Wade Robinson, Greenville, NC writes:
        Barry, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again so much for your unending patience, coaching and determination during my recent two-day fishing trip on the oceaside flats for bonefish and permit. My goal for the trip was to catch a bonefish.  But I never imagined that I would have hooked up the first bonefish 20 minutes into the first day. Although I was not able to land the fish, I knew I was in for something really special.  That day, I hooked five (5) bonefish (landed three, 7#, 8#, and 10#); and to top it off you put me on at least twenty (20) permit, and in rough conditions one took the crab (20#).  And among the permit were schools of tarpon...WOW!   By the way, I have learned that good fisherman always round their numbers UP! Day two produced another bonefish 20 minutes into the day that fell just shy of 14#, and even though the conditions (cloudy) were not as favorable, we managed a second fish of about 8#.  In fact, if not for my poor casting, who knows...we may have been able to manage a Grand Slam? All in all, the good fishing (numbers and size) was only a part of the experience.  The best part was your company.   Spending two days with you was like sharing time with a brother or at least a long time good friend. Your peers say that you have the personality for this business, and from a customer they could not be more accurate.  In closing, this trip has been the most enjoyable vacation I think I have ever had.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Keys, and we have done nothing but talk about the wonderful people and terrific customer focus that everyone in the Islamorada area shares.  I would be honored to share another day with you on the water.  Maybe with a fly next time.I will send some pictures when I get them back.
                                                                                     Wade Robinson
                                                                             Phew! Thanks Wade.


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