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Catch more fish and bigger fish with livelier bait by using BUBBLE TABS

Sell new BUBBLE TABS to your live bait customers to help keep their minnows alive and frisky for a better and more successful day of fishing.  Each time release BUBBLE TAB slowly dissolves over 3-4 hours, continuously releasing thousands of bubbles the fisherman can see.   Additionally, the bait bucket water turns blue, like the water in your minnow tanks, for further proof the BUBBLE TAB is working.

BUBBLE TABS bubble for hours, helping enrich the oxygen content of the water in the minnow bucket,  but useful electrolytes are added to reduce stress in the minnows. BUBBLE TABS also remove harmful chlorine and heavy metals, making city water and bagged ice safe to use in the minnow bucket.  These tablets will stimulate the natural slime coat on minnows and reduce fungus and bacteria.

So, get rid of the messy cans and having to pry off lids and provide the effective, simple to use BUBBLE TABS to your customers for livelier and friskier bait!



1.  Bait fish require well aerated water to survive. Constantly running water will cause unnecessary stress, disease and loss of stock. Use aeration or agitation with PROFESSIONAL SPORTING GOODS BAITSAVER or BAIT LIFE (a new improved BAITSAVER) to provide the essential oxygen to keep your minnows in good selling condition.

2.  BAITSAVER, BAIT LIFE and SHINER LIFE remove chlorine and help neutralize copper, lower ammonia and CO2, harden scales, help stimulate a natural slime coat and add valuable electrolytes, which are basic to the survival of all fish. BAITSAVER, BAIT LIFE and SHINER LIFE are available in consumer, dealer and hatchery sizes.

3.  Always use a water hose designed for use in transferring human drinking water (available at trailer supply houses). Use of a common garden hose should be avoided, as they contain a foamy ingredient that keeps the hose pliable, but is also poisonous to fish. Never use any hose without running water through it each time to flush out any impurities, sediment, etc.

4.  Before adding new stock to your existing tank, change the water or do a major partial water change (at least 30%), and use recommended dosage of PROFESSIONAL SPORTING GOODS bait water conditioning products.

5.  Use AQUARIUM CHARCOAL in your filter to remove organic waste from the water. Never use activated carbon with PROFESSIONAL SPORTING GOODS bait water conditioners.

6.  Feed new bait fish SPINNER FOOD to help clean out internal parasites and keep bait lively.

7.  PROFESSIONAL SPORTING GOODS BAIT FOOD provides a nutritious diet for your minnows while they are being held for resale. The PROFESSIONAL SPORTING GOODS FOOD BLOCK is a time release form of BAIT FOOD and is a convenient way to feed minnows. BAIT FOOD and FOOD BLOCK both give your minnows the energy they need to "swim on the hook."

8.  Foam is a common problem in bait holding tanks. Since 90% of oxygen transfer takes place on the surface of the water, when a foam layer exists, oxygen transfer cannot take place. PROFESSIONAL SPORTING GOODS FOAM KILL is a safe, easy and inexpensive way to eliminate foam in vats, tanks and ponds.

9.  Partial water changes are important. We recommend you change 20-30% of the water in your tank at least once a day. Siphon the water from the bottom of the tank, removing any settled debris. Treat only the water   you replace with BAITSAVER, BAIT LIFE or SHINER LIFE.

10. Clean bait tanks help decrease disease and add to the eye appeal of your tank and fish. Use our new BTC (BAIT TANK CLEANER) for cleaning bait tanks. Never use harmful chlorine or acid for cleaning bait tanks.

11. When holding large volumes of bait fish in small volumes of water, ammonia levels can be a problem.Use BAIT AMMONIA RID or PSG ACE – Ammonia Chloramine Eliminator to help safeguard your fish from ammonia poisoning. BAIT AMMONIA RID or ACE – Ammonia Chloramine Eliminator will also help neutralize chloramine and chlorine in city water.

12. Dirty nets can often lead to contamination between bait tanks if one net is used on multiple tanks. Keep a large enough bucket to hold your nets filled with water treated with PSG NET SOAK. PSG NET SOAK takes the guess work out of cleaning nets and also keeps nets moist and soft to decrease injury to scales and skin when netting fish.

13. When catching wild shiners or receiving a new shipment of hatchery shiners, add SHINER KURE to the bait tank during the first three days of holding these fish. By using SHINER KURE, the fish will be purged and you will have less foul water from fish waste. After using SHINER KURE for three days with daily 30% water changes, switch to SHINER LIFE.

Note #1: To determine the gallons of any rectangular or square container, multiply the width times the length times the depth of the water in feet, then multiply this number by 7.5. the answer will be the amount of gallons you have in the container.

Example: Tank is 2 feet wide and 4 feet long and the water is 18 inches deep (1 feet) : 1x4x1.5x7.5=90 gallons.

Note #2: To determine the gallons of a round container, multiply the depth of the water in feet times the radius squared (radius is the width across the top of the container) times 3.14, then multiply this number times 7.5. The answer will be the amount of gallons you have on the container.

Example: Container has water depth of 18 inches (1 feet) and the top of the container measures 3 feet across (the radius is, therefore, 1 feet). 1.5 (water depth) x1.5(radius squared =1.5x1.5 =2.25) x3.14 x 7.5=79 gallons.

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