florida fishing charters guides boca grande tampa st. petersburg clearwater orlando disneyworld charters light tackle fly flyfishing fly-fishing fishing saltwater flatsflorida fishing charters tarpon snook redfish trout boca grande tampa st. petersburg disneyworld orlando light tackle fly fly fishing flyfishing fly-fishing saltwater flats backcounntry Fishing Florida tarpon is the quest of fishing enthusiast the world over. Each year, many anglers make the pilgrimage to Florida for a chance to test their mettle against giant Florida tarpon. This guide offers Florida tarpon information, from tarpon biology to the actual tarpon charter fishing techniques used by Florida tarpon fishing guide Capt. Robert McCue. Whether you are interested in the mystic of tarpon or the thrill in experiencing our world class Giant Tarpon fishing charters, Tarpon The Series offers something for all.

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Tarpon Fishing Part 1   Intro to Florida tarpon fishing, history, biology and tarpon fishing           charter information

Tarpon Fishing Part 2  Beach and flats Florida tarpon , light tackle, flyfishing and tarpon  sight fishing techniques
Tarpon Fishing Part 3  World's Best Tarpon Fishing.... Boca Grande, Florida tarpon  fishing and tarpon fishing charters....PRIME TIME !!!
Tarpon Fishing Part 4 Tampa Bay ,Clearwater, St.Petersburg , Orlando (Disneyworld),  Tarpon Springs, Florida tarpon fishing....post and pre-season silver kings

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