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Get it wrote rite

"Wrote rite?" Too bad all spelling and usage errors aren't that obvious. Many sneak by, even if your carefull. There are more than half-a-dozen spelling errors and misused words (not counting "wrote rite") in this advertisement; all but one would pass a spell-check program. Hopefully, you can spot them; if not, its a good indication you have a need for professional editing or writing.

Weather it's a manuscript, a complaint letter to a manufacturer, a resume' for the job of a lifetime or an add for your product, what you present to a reader determines the impression you leave. Have you had any offers for "free gifts?" Do you want to do business with someone who believes there's another kind? The people your trying to reach won't either.

Take advantage of the expertise of a writer with thousands of published newspaper and magazine articles, and a nonfiction book judged one of the best three of its type published in 1996. We'll edit what you've written or write it for you. Fast turnaround guaranteed. To get details send us email at [email protected], call us at (904) 752-0414 or send a FAX to (904) 752-1020. Free estimates. If you prefer, send material snail mail to:

RR 2, Box 970
High Springs, FL 32643-9802

SPECIAL: How to write and sell a newspaper columm. Specify op-ed/commentary or specialty column. Send $2 and first class SASE for each.

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