Wild River

Custom Carvings Available on Request

Highly Detailed Decorative Carvings
$300.00 to $600.00

Hunting Slicks
$150.00 to $200.00

duck20.jpg (9831 bytes)

Mallard Drake

duck24.jpg (8853 bytes)
duck17.jpg (8381 bytes)

Wood Duck Hen

duck25.jpg (13601 bytes)

Wood Duck Hen

duck18.jpg (7194 bytes)


duck14.jpg (5613 bytes)

Driftwood Duck

duck8.jpg (9128 bytes)

Wood Duck Drake

duck7.jpg (10542 bytes)

American Widgeon Drake

duck6.jpg (9202 bytes)

Green-Winged Teal Drakes
$175 each

duck3.jpg (8295 bytes)

Red Head Drake

duck5.jpg (7861 bytes)

North American Pintail Drake

duck2.jpg (10015 bytes)

Wood Duck Drake

Shipping and Handling
Not Included


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