Let me spend a few words not on the companies which products I'm honored to use and proudly endorse, but on the FRIENDS who actually work hard to provide to American and Italian bassers awesome and quality products.

I've been lucky, throughout the last couple of year to know a bunch of great guys thanks to the internet. After a period of time of email exchanges on regular basis, I gained the trust of these guys and they asked to me to promote their first class products in my country. For some products I've received a quick and good response from Italian bass fishermen, for others I'm actually working hard to spread the word and hopefully create a business for my FRIENDS' companies. They trust me and I'll never give up anyone of them because I know that THEIR PRODUCTS ARE THE BEST I'VE USED UNTIL NOW!


KeepAlive pumps are the best I've ever used to keep a high oxygen degree in the water of my livewell. The silent flow of the KA infusors allow me to keep the pump running the whole day without spooking the bass swimming in my hot spots.

The best fish attractant actually on the market. No other scents stay on the lure longer than Kick'n Bass and the fish hang on the lure and REFUSE to spit it out! I've kicked my buddies' ass a lot of times using this powerful scent!

S.O.B. Fishing Products

Bill Dee a.k.a. "Gambler" build an awesome line of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, jigs and hard lures. The lures feature first-class components and run straight out of the package. "Just like a lot of quality lures" can be your comment. Yes, but "Gambler" spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs catch A LOT of fish, have a durable finish, an heavier steel wire and an amazing price. Plus, since every lure is built by hand, you can ask Bill to assemble a lure following your specifications.

Terry Battisti, Lynn Battisti and Brian Quinnett have given a new meaning to the term "Hand-Pour". If you think to know what this word mean because you've fished some hand-poured soft plastic worms made from other companies in the past, you're are wrong! Snakebite lures are made with the softest plastic, in a wide assortment of styles and infinite number of colors. Plus, they sell a whole lot of first quality soft-plastic accessories at incredible prices.



I'm not sponsored by Al and Nick but they're both great guys and them and their products deserve to be mentioned here.

BIG AL's BAIT BASSIN' SHOP Big Al's is a first class guy and his service is # 1. Prices are great and he's a great fishing tackle assortment in his tackle shop. Give him a try and you won't be disappointed.

M&N TACKLE A serious bass fisherman tackle box is not complete without the M&N Ultralite Bass Jigs. These jigs are hand made one by one and comes in a wide variety of weights (from 1/32 oz. up to 1/4 oz.) and colors. You can ask for custom skirt colors that Nick will be happy to assemble for you. A unique and great lures for skipping under boat docks and overhanging obstacles: the bass LOVE that slow fall. Watch out on this page for an article on the awesome M&N jigs!!!